SHEFFIELD. A local couple have been making the most of the cold weather by enjoying low prices on a variety of ice cream brands at local supermarkets. David Hogg, 34, and his wife Hannah, have reported a huge increase in their consumption of the frozen desert, despite the fact that it is more commonly associated with hot weather.”There are plenty of half price boxes of ice creams”, David explained earlier today. “Sometimes you see ‘buy one get one free’ too, which is not quite the same, but it is still pretty good. I guess we just use the special offers to help tell us what to buy - that’s probably why we eat lots of puddings and root vegetables in summer.”

For her part, Hannah Hogg revealed that the couple always felt a twinge of excitement in waiting to see which brands were on special offer. “We’re always hope to hind Haagen Dasz on offer, that’s no secret,” she explained. “Ben and Jerry’s is good results too. Mars bar ice creams, Magnums and Soleros are all par for the course. Anything less - I’m talking about supermarket own brand, I guess - would be a little disappointing. But the cheap ice cream season runs for three of four months, so most years you have time to get them all in.”